About Us

St John Singapore Dementia Centre was set up to meet the demands of the fast increasing numbers of senior citizens with dementia and to complement the government’s obligation to care for these people, so that they can continue to live in their community with dignity.

The Centre provides day-care services to Clients who have general dementia – which includes monitoring and assistance with activities of daily living, as well as managing challenging Client behaviour.

The Centre adopts a person-centred care approach and quality care. This is accomplished through non-pharmacological methods by our trained staff who first conducts behaviour analysis on the Client, and then guides and trains both care-team and caregivers to apply appropriate care skills and techniques.

The aim of the Dementia Day-care programme is to slow down the deterioration of the client’s physical and mental functions and to enable the client to stay integrated in the community, thus delaying the need for institutionalisation.

St John Singapore Dementia Centre offers structured daily programmes that are specifically designed for persons with general dementia. In addition, case management and caregiver services (caregiver training) are also provided as a value-added service.