How We Can Help

Need help caring for your family members with dementia?

St John Singapore Dementia Centre was set up to meet the demands of the fast increasing numbers of senior citizens with dementia and to complement the government’s obligation to care for these people, so that they can continue to live in their community with dignity.

As dementia develops, a greater level of care and assistance will be required. We understand that the job of caring for persons with dementia is challenging.

The following questions may be helpful in deciding whether your loved ones with dementia will benefit from professional care in our St John Singapore Dementia Centre:

  • Is your loved one with dementia becoming unsafe in their current home?
  • Is he or she receiving adequate care and rehabilitation to enable him or her to continue carrying out activities in daily life?
  • Are his or her care needs beyond my physical abilities?
  • Am I becoming a stressed, irritable, or impatient caregiver?